October 8-9


“Roskartografia” JSC holds on knowledge arrangement and works out new solutions for application of geospatial information in modern digital world. This industry urgently needs young highly skilled specialists, effective management and organization methods, as well as statutory framework and technical basis that can provide new rules and practices for all players.

We invite to participation in our conference the management and key personnel of Russian and foreign companies, representatives of scientific institutions, universities, public authorities and municipal governments.

Sergei Karutin
Director general

Extensive program of digital economy development is meant to alter all spheres of our daily life – from housing and utilities sector to education, natural resources and banking business. Efficient use of geodesic and map-making activities is a key factor in building-up innovation-driven economy. We are increasingly more dependent on geospatial information. Open data become innovative drivers; geospatial technologies are crucial for major infrastructure facilities inspection and inventory; system integration multiplies industry verticals creating synergy of all economic sectors. In view of this our conference is on target today.


Аlexander Rebriy
FGBU “Tsentr Geodezii, Kartografii I IPD” Director

Serguei Kozlov
RF Armed Forces Chief of the general staff Advisory group Chief

Victor Аdrov
«Rakurs» JSC Director general

Аlexander Каrpik
Siberian State University of Geosystems and Technologies Rector

Дмитрий Баканов
директор Департамента цифровой трансформации Министерства транспорта РФ

Маxim Еgorov
Ministry of Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation Deputy minister

Andrei Prokhorenko
JSC “Roskartografia” Deputy director of operations

Ilia Yudin
Maxar (Digital Globe) Representative

Mikhail Petukhov
HEXAGON Regional Sales director in Russia and CIS

Valeriy Zaichko
«Roskosmos» State corporation Representative

Vit Rambousek
Phase One Industrial Representative

Тatiana Тurchanova
FGBU “Tsentr Geodezii, Kartografii I IPD” Deputy director

Diana Nimazova
GIS ANPO of HE “Innopolis University” Head of centre

Victor Lavrov
“Geoproject” LLC Deputy director general

Тatiana Osintseva
”OKF” JSC Director general

Аndrei Korolev
DB «Panorama» Representative

Seguei Vityazev
YNAO Information and communication technology department

Таtiana Kuleshova
“Innoter” LLC Department for co-operation with corporate and state segments Director

Мikhail Stupko
GeoMax International GmbH Director of commerce

Pavel Anashkin
”Uralgeoinform” JSC Director general

Seguei Prisiazhnuik
«Institut telekommunikatsii» CJSC Director general

Valentina Maksimova
SRC «Geoinformatsionnye technologii» South Ural State University Director

Dmitrii Nikolskii
«Sovzond» company Technical director

Igor Samsonenko
UE «Projektniy Institut Belgiprozem»

Luidmila Shestakova
"International studies, political science, foreign area studies" FSAEI for HE «South Ural State University (NRI)» Department chair

Маxim Аlexandrov
«GeoAlians» LLC Director general

Irina Anikeeva
«Roskartografia» JSC Representative

Dmitrii Vernitskii
FGUP (Federal State Unitary Enterprise) “VNIIFTRI” Laboratory chief

Serguei Ivanov
«RKS» JSC Department chief

Nadezhda Maliavina
«Roskartografia» JSC Photogrammetry operations department Chief

Alexander Igonin
«Roskartografia» JSC Department chief

Andrei Korolev
DB «Panorama» Geodesic and cadaster systems software department Chief

Alexander Prokhvostov
GeoMax International GmbH Representative

Jeremy Boucher
Hexagon Representative

Yevgenii Kalabin
«ArtGeo» LLC Chief Engineer

Dmitrii Bliakharskii
«Aerogeodesia» JSC Representative

Pavel Burban
«Novgorod AGP» JSC Director general

Serguei Kadnichanskii
«Geoscan» JSC Representative

Igor Koshechkin
«Kadastrsyomka» JSC Director general

Evgenii Zazuliak
«Innoter» JSC Representative

Serguei Маzurov
«VostSibAGP» JSC Director general